Tag Team Championship

Pro Wrestling WORLD-1 Tag Team title history

April 9 2004
Extreme Horsemen: Steve Corino & C.W. Anderson

Defeated Masato Tanaka & Guillotine Legrande to become the first champions; unify PWF Universal Title, defeating Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita on March 25 2005 in Hakodate, JPN.

September 16 2005
Greg Spitz & Mark Mest

January 29 2006
King Kaluha & Larry Sweeney

January 7 2007
Kid America & The Patriot


October 6th 2007
Inner Circle

January 5th 2008
KId America and El Americano

June 14th 2008
Jihad and Chemical Khan

July 12 2008
Kid America and El Americano

July 25th 2008
Jihad and Chemical Khan

October 11th 2008
Super Sweet and TLD

October 11th 2008
New Inner Circle

January 30th 2009
Ruthless Payne

May 31st 2009
Team Symbol: Tommy Thunda and Chris Rockwell

November 22nd 2009
The Beast and GPS
Vacate in December 2009 for the W-1 Tag League.

December 27th 2009
Ricky Reyes & Ryan Sawyer

Defeat Chris Rockwell & Roxie Cotton in the W-1 Tag League final.

February 24th 2010
Steve Corino & Colby Corino

May 12th 2010
Kid America & Bobby Shields

February 13th 2011

Sumie Sakai & Roxie Cotton

Vacates the title when Sakai cannot make the scheduled defense.

June 12th 2011
Pelle Primeau & Mike Matixx

Defeat Special Forces: Super Sweet & Milo Shizo.

December 4th 2011
Kid America & Super Sweet

WORLD-1 closes in 12; again recognized as champions when the promotion restarts in 2016

April 6th 2016
Extreme Rednecks: Chuck Payne & Kyle Payne

April 6th 2016
Sweet Force: Tito Santana & Travis Lee

June 18th 2016

July 30th 2016
Erik Bromley and Kid America

October 29th 2016
The Classics

March 18th 2017
The Hut Boyz

April 1st 2017
The Midnight Sensations
Vacated the titles when Sam Shields is injured.

September 23rd 2017
BROtien Pack
Won a decision match against Kid America and Mayor.

April 14th 2018
The Midnight Sensations

December 1st 2018
The Wet Blankets